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Élite 14 Madera

Precio de oferta$154.99

Agregue un toque de encanto rústico a su hogar con Elite 14 Wood, un marco digital de 14" con una pantalla HD de 1366x768. Muestre sus recuerdos favoritos con estilo.

  • Visualización de imágenes de alta calidad con resolución 1366*768
  • 32GB de almacenamiento para guardar miles de fotos y videos
  • Orientación de pantalla personalizable con rotación automática vertical y horizontal

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30 Days Hassle-free Return & Refund

1-year Warranty

  • High-quality image display with 1366×768 resolution
  • 32GB of storage to store thousands of photos and videos
  • Customizable display orientation with vertical and horizontal auto rotation
  • High-quality image display with 1920×1080 resolution
  • Customizable display orientation with vertical and horizontal auto rotation
  • Intelligently turns on and automatically switches it off when motion detected
  • Swipe the interactive touch bar for easy photo navigation
  • Wide viewing angles and accurate colors thanks to IPS screen
  • Effortless photo uploading from anywhere with the Vphoto app on iOS and Android or on the NexFoto website
Élite 14 Madera
Élite 14 Madera Precio de oferta$154.99

Sleek Modern Design Perfect as Home Decoration

Crafted in minimal sleek modern design, it will sit nicely on a book shelf, mantle or night stand. Packaged in beautiful gift-ready box, NexFoto digital frames will be your ideal gifting option for important ones.

High-Quality IPS Display

Featured with IPS extra-wide viewing angle display, all of your memories will be presented in vivid colors and details.

Smart Motion Sensor

Built-in motion sensor will detect movements; Automatically turn off the frame when no one is around, and turn on When someone nearby is sensed.

Can Be Placed Anywhere

NexFoto digital photo frames can be placed on the table in landscape or portrait or you may also hang it on the wall. The images will automatically rotate according to the orientation for the best fit.

Beautiful Gift-Box Package

NexFoto digital frames come with beautiful gift-box package. This is an adorable gift that will be loved by everyone in your family. Perfect gifting option for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas.

Control Remotely

The digital photo frame is thoughtfully equipped with a remote control, which is more convenient to operate!

Multi-touch Screen

Zoom in/out the photos or change settings by simple taps. It is easy to use and fit for the elderly.


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Digital Frame

This picture frame is such a great quality item with motion detection and touch screen options I Love this digital frame allows me to bring my memories to life this is a Excellent Christmas gift must have item for the price just amazing I love it 💕🥰💕🥰💕🥰

Alessandro Canella
This is definitely a good digital picture frame

The screen resolution, the wooden frame, the storage capacity, motion sensor and touch screen are really really good.

Booklover/ Leah C
Nice digital photo frame

I have had a digital photo frame before, but you needed to load your pictures onto a scan disc card and use that in the frame. Since most of my pictures are now taken on my phone that really doesn’t work for me. So I got this frame as it is bluetooth, (it can also use a card). Was very excited when it came and even the box it came with is nice. It has a quick start guide as well as a small directions booklet. Once the app was downloaded I added my email as a contact and put pictures from my husband and I parasailing. It worked right away, getting it connected was more difficult for me at first but after rereading the directions I got that done easily enough. The picture quality is good, and there are different settings for pictures, from random to in order. There is also a choice for the way the pictures change, I kept it at random. The shortest time for showing pictures is 5 seconds which I left it on. It also has a motion sensor and a sleep mode so it will turn off at the time you set it to. I do like this frame, I do wish it had a flat back so I could hang it on the wall, which is what I first thought I would be doing but for now it is placed where my old photo frame had been. I keep it on motion sensor mode so it’s not continuously on, so far I am very happy with this frame.

T. D. Dunn
Photos look great. If only they appeared truly randomly.

I have the 14-inch wood display. It's nice to have a large digital frame so that I can see the photos from across the living room. Since I have a large photo collection that spans over 20 years, I wanted for them to appear randomly. In the device, there are photo settings to set up a slideshow at random or in chronological order. The random settings put the photos in the device at random, but it keeps the photos in the same order. Despite having 500 photos up so far, I have seen the same 20 photos each day. The frame is nice, and I haven't experienced the issues with the app that many others have. However, the main reason why I wanted a digital frame was to see as many photos from my collection as possible. It's a major flaw, and I hope to find a solution before time runs out to return the frame.

Easy setup & good picture

Easy setup and great pictures

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