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Élite 10 Classique

Prix de vente$89.99

Rehaussez la décoration de votre maison avec Elite 10 Classic, le cadre photo numérique ultra épuré et minimaliste. Avec son superbe écran HD et sa mémoire de 32 Go, affichez vos souvenirs avec style.

  • Affichage d'image de haute qualité avec une résolution de 1280*800
  • 32 Go de stockage pour stocker des milliers de photos et de vidéos
  • Orientation d'affichage personnalisable avec rotation automatique verticale et horizontale

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1-year Warranty

  • High-quality image display with 1280×800 resolution
  • 32GB of storage to store thousands of photos and videos
  • Customizable display orientation with vertical and horizontal auto rotation
  • Swipe the interactive touch bar for easy photo navigation
  • Wide viewing angles and accurate colors thanks to IPS screen
  • Effortless photo uploading from anywhere with the Vphoto app on iOS and Android or on the NexFoto website
Élite 10 Classique
Élite 10 Classique Prix de vente$89.99

Sleek Modern Design Perfect as Home Decoration

Crafted in minimal sleek modern design, it will sit nicely on a book shelf, mantle or night stand. Packaged in beautiful gift-ready box, NexFoto digital frames will be your ideal gifting option for important ones.

High-Quality IPS Display

Featured with IPS extra-wide viewing angle display, all of your memories will be presented in vivid colors and details.

32 GB Internal Memory

Upload video clips and up to 80,000 photos to your frame; keep all of your memories fresh and alive. Storage can be extended with Max. 32 GB Micro SD card.

Can Be Placed Anywhere

NexFoto digital frames can be placed on the table in landscape or portrait or you may also hang it on the wall. The images will automatically rotate according to the orientation for the best fit.

Beautiful Gift-Box Package

NexFoto digital frames come with beautiful gift-box package. This is an adorable gift that will be loved by everyone in your family. Perfect gifting option for Mother’s Day and Christmas.

Multi-touch Screen

Zoom in/out the photos or change settings by simple taps. It is that easy and friendly for the elderly to use.

Smart Motion Sensor

Built-in motion sensor will detect movements; Automatically turn off the frame when no one is around, and turn on when someone nearby is sensed.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Will Kruger
Totally worth it!!!!

First off this is very easy to navigate! The picture quality is better that I expected. I love that you can upload pictures from anywhere. You do have to buy a memory card for it but once you do that you can load pictures from your phone or computer. It comes with a power cord and a usb hook up to add pictures from a computer. It makes a little jingle when pictures are uploaded and you can add multiple people on it to be able to send pictures over to it. You can also play music while the pictures do a slideshow. Its a very cute gift for any family member near or far. Keep family members updated on your life by sending pictures over to it. Its cute, light, and very easy to navigate.

Patricia Kennedy
Easy to Use Great Size - Great Display

The Nexfoto Digital Frame is awesome. And I highly recommend it.

Tom B
Pretty average 10" digital picture frame

For what I use it for, this digital frame will suffice. It has a nice frame, the picture quality is good, and the capacity works for me.

Easy Set Up & Clear Image

Very happy with how easy it was to set this up! Once plugged in the screen started us through the process of uploading pictures and provided QR codes we could scan to understand the next step. After 10 minutes we had already uploaded 100 photos.
I also like the motion detector so the screen isnt just constantly displaying photos, instead the photos just kick on when we are in the room.

Josie O.
Great display.

Decent picture quality for the price. Has a micro sd card option if you do not want to use the computer cable to transfer, or if you use it away from home. Decent amount of storage means that i can also use it as a backup for my pictures and not have them in the slideshow. It has a small chanel underneat to have the power cable run through so it is stable while on the shelf and not wobbly.

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