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Real-time Sharing and Interacting with Loved Ones. Once connected to Wi-Fi, the smart frame receives and displays images sent from app or email in real-time. This helps to enhance family bonding, especially with the elderly at home.

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1-year Warranty

  • High-quality image display with 1258×930 resolution
  • 32GB of storage to store thousands of photos and videos
  • Customizable display orientation with vertical and horizontal auto rotation
  • Intelligently turns on and automatically switches it off when motion detected
  • Swipe the interactive touch bar for easy photo navigation
  • Wide viewing angles and accurate colors thanks to IPS screen
  • Effortless photo uploading from anywhere with the Vphoto app on iOS and Android or on the NexFoto website
ELITE 16 CLASSIC 16.2" HD DIGITAL PICTURE FRAME Prix de vente$159.99

Beautiful Gift Ready Package

NexFoto digital frames come with beautiful gift-box package. This is an adorable gift that will be loved by everyone in your family. Perfect gifting option for everyone in the family.(Note:Packaging may differ, for illustrative purposes only)

The Most Fun Way to Keep Connected

Our frame enables hassle-free real-time sharing. Just connect to Wi-Fi and invite loved ones to share photos from anywhere. Relive memories and enhance family bonds with this private social network.

Showcase Your Personal Gallery

We use the latest technology to make your entire art collection and photo album come alive on your wall. Now you can showcase and explore lifelike details and colors from home.

Smart Rotation for Flexible Display

NexFoto digital frames can be placed on the table in landscape or portrait or you may also hang it on the wall. The images will automatically rotate according to the orientation for the best fit.

Sleek Modern Design Perfect as Home Decoration

Crafted in minimalist modern design, this digital photo frame flawlessly matches any interior style and makes the perfect decorative accent for your home.

Multi-touch Screen

Zoom in/out the photos or change settings by simple taps. It is that easy and friendly for the elderly to use.

Remote Control

Manage your visual memories with easy using our remotely controlled digital photo frame. Select, display and customize your photos and videos from the comfort of your couch.

Elite HD Display

Featured with an IPS extra-wide viewing angle display, all your treasured memories will be presented in stunning image quality with vivid colors and crisp details.

Smart Motion Sensor

Smart motion technology reduces power usage efficiently: Automatically turn off the frame when no one is around, and turn on when someone nearby is sensed.

32GB Large Storage Capacity

32GB internal memory stores thousands of photos,video clips to relive memories. Stores up to 80,000 photos to display all favorites. Easily expandable Micro SD card allows endless growth.

All-in-One Smart Frame

Seamlessly integrated software makes our all-in-one digital frame incredibly innovative. Smoothly browse, organize and customize slideshows to showcase precious memories and favorite moments.

Design in Every Detail

Our frames deliver intuitive, user-friendly experiences through thoughtful details at every touchpoint.

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