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Élite 17 máx.

Precio de oferta$219.99

Con una enorme pantalla de 21,5", 64 GB de almacenamiento y una resolución de 1920 x 1200, es un complemento cautivador para cualquier habitación. Vive tus preciados momentos como nunca antes con Elite 17 Max.

  • Visualización de imágenes de alta calidad con resolución 1920*1200
  • 64GB de almacenamiento para guardar miles de fotos y videos
  • Orientación de pantalla personalizable con rotación automática vertical y horizontal

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1-year Warranty

  • High-quality image display with 1920×1200 resolution
  • 64GB of storage to store thousands of photos and videos
  • Customizable display orientation with vertical and horizontal auto rotation
  • Intelligently turns on and automatically switches it off when motion detected
  • Swipe the interactive touch bar for easy photo navigation
  • Wide viewing angles and accurate colors thanks to IPS screen
  • High-speed, wireless connectivity with 2.4GHz/5GHz Dual WIFIsupport
  • Effortless photo uploading from anywhere with the Vphoto app on iOS and Android or on the NexFoto website
Élite 17 máx.
Élite 17 máx. Precio de oferta$219.99

Sleek Modern Design Perfect as Home Decoration

Crafted in minimal sleek modern design, it will sit nicely on a book shelf, mantle or night stand. Packaged in beautiful gift-ready box, NexFoto digital frames will be your ideal gifting option for important ones.

High-Quality IPS Display

Featured with IPS extra-wide viewing angle display, all of your memories will be presented in vivid colors and details.

32GB Large Storage Capacity

With 32 GB internal memory, NexFoto digital frame can store video clips and up to 80,000 pictures; storage can be extended with up to 64 GB Micro SD card.

Smart Motion Sensor

Built-in motion sensor will detect movements; Automatically turn off the frame when no one is around, and turn on when someone nearby is sensed.

Beautiful Gift-Box Package

NexFoto digital frames come with beautiful gift-box package. This is an adorable gift that will be loved by everyone in your family. Perfect gifting option for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas.

Useful and Versatile

There are add-on smart features to make it more than just a frame – weather, music, calendar, clock and alarm.

Control Remotely

The digital photo frame is thoughtfully equipped with a remote control, which is more convenient to operate!


Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Tony Curiale
Very cool item

Simple to setup and send pictures to your frame or others. Picture quality is excellent. Only issue is random sort isn't really that great as I see the same pictures often. An update of the app is needed to fix the random sort.

Easy to use and stable connection

IT HAS WORKED GREAT since I got this digital frame about three weeks. It comes in an outstanding presentation that makes it an excellent gift, it is also straightforward to use, and its loading of photos and videos is fast and easy.

The connection is stable, it does not freeze or turn off. It has nice movement between photos, and overall looks great. The quality of the photos, in my opinion, is 4 out of 5 since, in my opinion, the images look a bit opaque, but it is also adorable, large, easy to use, and works excellent. It has a clock, weather, and date that update when connecting to the internet. 100! Recommended.

Gary Zenker
Large display frame great for family photos or art

Having tested and played with a lot of these frames from different manufacturers, I feel like if not expertise, I have insights into these frames.

The current crop of digital frames is larger in size and features touch-screen operation, as well as the ability to remotely load photos. This one, at 17", is the biggest I have handled and the most expensive. But let's face it, the size and price move this from being a casual interest item to one worthy of the center of attention on a table or wall-mounted.

IN THE BOX: 17" electronic picture frame, leg, power adaptor, remote control.

SPECS: Full resolution of 1920 x 1200 and aspect ratio 16:10. 64 GB Internal Storage, remote photo loading via Vphoto app, WIFI enabled.

PERFORMANCE: Super easy to set up. I already had a Vphoto frame and the app; adding this one with a unique identifier was easy. The entire setup was easy...I mistakenly selected the wrong language upfront and it was easy to go back and change that.

64 GB is more memory than it would first seem. Of course, if you want to maximize the number of photos that the frame can store, reduce the size of them to the screen resolution (most cameras and phones take photos well in excess of that). But not to worry, no matter what you do, it will probably hold more than however many you think to upload. 319 photos for my mom's frame took up just 392 MB.

It also has a full-size USB connection on the back for importing files. It has a microSD card slot, but if you have fat fingers like me, you will really appreciate the USB slot!

Good viewing at reasonable angles and it accepts the most common photo format files including JPG, PNG, BMP, and others. You can opt for some changes in the transitions of the photos and the time they display, as well. It also accepts short video files with sound. (.MOV, MP4 etc) That's where you are most likely to start challenging your storage space if you ever would. They can be placed in rotation with the photos.

I was able to get my brother and sister to have access to the frame by giving them a security code for the app. That made me feel good that I wouldn't be having a hacker tapping in and sending me photos I wouldn't want on the frame. And that they could send all the photos we never used to share because we forget or it's inconvenient.

The frame also offered a calendar function, weather, and a built-in clock with a variety of display options. So if you don't want to yell at your Amazon device for the weather, you can see it quickly on the screen.

There's a bit of glare off the glass, depending on your room's lighting conditions. You could theoretically do something to dull the glare off the glass, but that might also dull the light. Try placement adjustment to see whether you can minimize the glare without taking any other action.

Since this will display whatever photos or movie clips you upload, you could use it for art and brief animations as well. Rotate through your favorite paintings, and drawings. Mix in child's art, that's what I did.

EVALUATION: Bigger is better in the case of photos. This is a great frame. It's unfortunate that the description doesn't really give a hint about all it can do or all of the file formats it accepts.

Nice picture frame

sensitive touch screen and easy navigation on both the app and the Home Screen. You do have to keep it plugged in for it to be on, you can program it to turn off and turn on within a timeframe of the day. I have added close to 100 pictures and space is still open for more. I like it and would recommend!

So easy to use

Great product! Plugged it in and it played. Good interface with memory cards, USB Zip drive and recieves pictures from my phone in less than 10 seconds with the app.
Will definitely buy again.

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